Peer to Peer Mentoring
Referred by:Nebraska Family Collaborative Peer Mentors:

  • Assist with applying for Access Nebraska.
  • Attend court, family team meetings and school
    meetings with the family.
  • Locate funding for  housing, clothing, transportation, food, utilities and medical needs.
  • Assist with budget.
  • Assist family in establishing  goals.
  • Assist family in locating and completing substance abuse treatment including attending AA and NA
    meeting with family.
  • Advocate for family.
  • Provide transportation to court, family team meetings and court ordered evaluations when needed.
  • Listen and provide an understanding ear.
  • Assist family in planning visitation scheduling.

Family Navigator Program

Nebraska Family Helpline
  • Are available within 24 to 72 hours after a Helpline referral.
  • Assist  family in identifying families strengths.
  • Assist family in setting goals for family.
  • Assist family in identifying existing
  • community-based services.
  • Provide family support.
  • Listen and provide family with understanding ear.

Family Peer Support

Provide peer-to-peer advocacy for families whose youth have emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health issues.

  • Work with the family to develop strategies to meet their goals.
  • Including school issues, behavior modification, safety plans, care plans and other needs.
  • Goal is to help support the family in whatever way the family determines is needed.

Journey to Success – Youth Leadership and Life Skills Workshops

Empowering youth to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Contact Lakeisha Phelps at 402 594-4702 for more information.