Executive Director

Eve Bleyhl

Family Advocates

Jenn Genzler

Dawn Stroud

Jim Schuman

Wendy Moreno
Bilingual Advocate

Jaime Delahunty

Jarren Breeling

Youth Advocate

Lakeisha Phelps

Lakeisha Phelps

Administrative Support

Angie Costanzo


Serving Region VI: Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy and Washington counties including the Omaha metropolitan area through a collaborative effort with Nebraska’s child welfare, behavioral health systems, and other community partners.


The Nebraska Family Support Network (NFSN) began in 1991 as a statewide Family organization formed to provide support and services to families of children with mental illness and behavioral disorders. Original funding included small grants from state, regional, and federal sources. NFSN’s mission broadened in 2004 when Governor Johanns mandated collaboration between Family Run organizations, Health and Human Services (HHS), Safety and Protection Division and Nebraska’s Behavioral Health Regions. When the Nebraska Family Helpline launched in 2010, NFSN began serving as Family Navigators for NDHHS Department of Behavioral Health. We became a partner with the Nebraska Family Collaborative (NFC – now PromiseShip) in 2010 when the State opted to privatize Child Welfare services in Nebraska’s Eastern Service Area. NFSN works closely with Juvenile Justice Initiatives in our region. We are active in the System of Care efforts locally and statewide.

NFSN is the only provider of Family-to-Family peer mentoring services in the Eastern Service Area. This model of interaction and support is significantly increasing desired outcomes for troubled families. In keeping with its peer-mentoring model, NFSN hires family members who have successfully completed some component of the service system with their own families to help other families who are struggling in the same system(s). Our Family Peer Support Staff are either state or nationally certified in Peer Support and receive extensive training to ensure that they are prepared to be of maximum benefit to families.